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Healing Ministry with Special Guest Brett Lidner – 22-05-2022 Traralgon City Church

Join us for this very special healing service by Brett Lidner.
  1. Healing Ministry with Special Guest Brett Lidner – 22-05-2022
  2. Healing – The Childrens Bread – Marko Salmela – 15-05-2022
  3. The Rollercoaster of Parenthood – Nicole Salmela – 08-05-2022
  4. Does God Heal Today – Ps Meagan – 01-05-2022
  5. This Jesus – Easter Sunday – Ps Meagan – 17-04-2022
  6. Jesus Conquered Death – Once and For All – Nicole Salmela – 10-04-2022
  7. Jesus is Alive – Ps Chris – 03-04-2022
  8. What Jesus Wants You to Know – Ps Meagan – 27-03-2022
  9. Jesus is the Bread of Life – Ps Chris – 20-03-2022
  10. I AM The Door – Nicole Salmela – 13-03-2022